What are your hours?

Drop off is at 8:45-9:15am
Pick-up at 5pm (you will watch the performance, approx 15-20 minutes)

Where are you located?

St Monica and St James Upper Parish Hall
222 8th Street NE
Washington, DC 20002

Entrance to hall is in the door marked “Parish Office” at the end of the garden path. If the door is locked (for safety) ring the bell or knock on the window.

How do I reach you during the day?

Call 301-384-3451
Email info@campshenanigans.com
**Phone is not best, as I have to wait until breaks to check messages**

What should my child bring/wear?

Clothing to move/go outdoors in.
2 snacks     **ABSOLUTELY NO NUTS**
Bottled water, or a refillable cup or bottle
Anything else they feel is important.

What do you need to know about my child?

Anything you think is helpful or important!   We are child-directed, so the better we know your child and how to connect with them or understand them, the better.

What is your inclement weather policy?

Camp Shenanigans uses the Federal Government as a guideline for closings. If the Federal Government is closed, there is a possibility that Camp Shenanigans will be cancelled for the day.  If this happens, please check the Camp Shenanigans website banner and Facebook for updated information.  

If Camp Shenanigans is cancelled due to weather, students have the choice to receive a credit for a future camp or a full refund.  

Do I have to watch the performance?

Yes.  Parents are required to either watch the performance, or make sure their child has a proxy to watch them (another camp parent, nanny, etc).
This must be established at the beginning of the camp day.


An important part of our mission is to give parents a view into the child's mind and heart.  By seeing the choices their child has made, parents are given information into what their child is all about in the world.    And also, we need an audience in order to have a proper performance!

Does my child have to participate in the performance?

Yes.  However, offer a variety of roles/jobs for children who do not want to be onstage.  And being a respectful audience member is always an option for participating in a performance. 

What if I am late for the performance?

We start at promptly 5 pm.  We can not wait for you.  We do not charge for lateness, but the children get VERY upset if you are not there.
If you are going to be late, please send a call 301-384-3451 so Shannon can talk to your child and prepare them for your lateness.

What if I am early?

You will need to wait in the garden until camp doors open.  8:45 in the morning, 4:50 in the afternoon.

Do you offer aftercare?

How will they spend their day?
The short answer is playing improvisation/brainstorming games and creating pieces of the production.  We do drama, art, movement, design and improv activities.  For more information visit http://twitter.com/campshenanigans

Do you have a sample schedule?
8:45-9:15 Drop off
9:15-9:30 Free drawing, game playing, settling in.   The adults spend this time interacting and observing the children’s personalities, ideas, interactions.  Likewise, new children need this time to become accustomed to our camp on their own terms.   
9:30-9:45 Morning meeting.  We play a name game, and go over camp rules
9:45-10:30 Movement.  Improvisation movement games that will inform our production.
10:30-10:45 Snack
10:45-11:00 Introduction of story or theme
11:00-Noon Drama.   Improvisation and brainstorming activities that will inform our production.  
Noon-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:30 Outside play
1:30-3:30 Group visual art activity, (set design) and small groups for scene work
3:30-4 snack time
4- 4:45 Costume work and rehearsal

Do you provide snack/lunch?

No.  There are too many allergies and food restrictions. 
We do not allow nuts. 

Children get VERY hungry during our days, so please send plenty of food and bottled water.

What does camp cost?

$98 per child, per day for Play in a Day

There is a $10 late fee for families that register within 48 hours of camp.   
There are sibling, early bird and multi-camp discounts.  See the registration page for more info.

If I have a camp package, am I guaranteed a space for my child?   

No.  Camp registration is first come, first serve.

Do you offer summer camp?

Yes!  We offer Circus Camp and other themed weeks.  The schedule is available in January.

Do you offer Spring Break camp?


Do you offer Winter Break camp?

It depends on the year. See the Play in a Day schedule for details.

What ages can come to camp?  

K-2nd for our regular program.  3rd and up may participate in our Junior Counselor program, through application.  See the Junior Couselor page for details.

We can not accommodate children under K (Rising K for summer). 

Why don't you take younger siblings? 

The time/energy it takes to keep children younger than K engaged is time taken away from our project.   While we understand the desire to have children together at camp (and the ease for parents!) our main priority is creating a great project and experience of creation with the children.   Having younger children there only takes away from that experience for those that are of camp age. 

What are your camp rules?  (Reviewed during morning meeting of all camps)
No running inside.  Skipping, hopping, galloping, jumping etc are all acceptable.
You must ask an adult before you leave the main room.  
You must NOT smile. (They LOVE that one!)
You must NOT have fun!  (They think that one is hilarious)
You must be safe with your body, and other’s bodies. You must be respectful and help take care of the church building and garden.
You must stay in view of the teachers in the garden (recess).  (Stick to main paths and main grassy area).
If you can not obey a rule, you must sit out and observe until you are ready.   (Being “ready” to go back in is determined by the child.  Because we are having great amounts of fun, they usually get themselves together quick!)

What if my child is shy?
There are certain activities that are “have to’s” and other activities that are choices.   Movement warmup and other large scale activities where children are all in motion and can make their own choices are “have to” activities.   During more performative activities, children may opt to be an audience member and give feedback to those performing.  
In the performance we always need crew and backstage helpers who handle props, set and lighting.   We do not force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do, but also require that everyone is involved in some way.   

What if my child wants to bring a toy/game/costume?
Bring it.  Just make sure it is labeled for a safe return to your home!  What your child wants to show, wear or do tells us a great deal about your child!

What if my child has special needs?
Please be sure to contact Shannon at 301-384-3451 to find out if this is the right environment for your child.

What if my child has an I.E.P.?
Please please please please please tell us.  It will help us communicate and guide your child through the activities.   

How do you select guest artists?
Guest artists must be local to DC and working professionally in their field.   They must also have experience working with children.  This means they either are on a roster of a local organization like Class Acts, be an artist in resident at a DCPS school, or run their own teaching program.

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellations made 48 hours before camp will receive a refund.  Afterwards, your child will receive a credit for a future class.

Will my child have fun?
Absolutely. We guarantee it.

How do you know?
Shannon has written a curriculum for developing performances in a way that allows all individuals to make their own choices. There is room for all types of learners, creators and players in our model!