Shannon Dunne, Director of Programs

Shannon Dunne is a professional performer (musician, dancer, actor), arts educator, and parent who has been developing childrens' arts programs since 2001.  She is currently the movement teacher at School Within School (Capitol Hill Cluster), she is the director of Shannon Dunne Dance, offering multi-generational classes and performances in sean-nos Irish dance, and she continues to perform/tour internationally.  Shannon has taught/developed programs at CHAW, DCPS Summer Seas Program, Sea Bright Irish Week, Joy of Motion, and Andrew Chapel Preschool.  She is on the roster of the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, and is the recipient of multiple Folk Arts Grants from the DCCAH and NEA.  To learn more about Shannon, visit http://shannondunne.com.

Grown ups like to play too!  Shannon was the instigator/director/bossypants of many neighborhood shenanigans in her youth: plays, films, fashion shows, choregraphies, experimental movement pieces, talk shows, etc etc.  The cast was always neighborhood children and the audience was always family and friends.  Offering this kind of experience, but including the professional artists who are part of the community, is the mission of Camp Shenanigans


Roster of Guest Artists:

  • Emily Oleson, Director/Choreographer of Goodfoot Dance
  • Steve Hickman, Fiddler/Caller/Hambone Expert
  • Catherine Gasta, Mime
  • Laura Byrne, Irish Traditional Music: Flute and Whistle
  • Mark Jaster, Pantomime Master with Happenstance Theater
  • Elena Day, Actor/Director/Choreographer formerly of Cirque du Soleil
  • Patrick Armstrong, Irish Traditional Music: Flute, Pipes and Whistle
  • Stuart Jackson, Musician: Percussion, UIllean Pipes, Tin Whistle
  • Christylez Bacon, Grammy nominated Hip Hop Musician
  • Rachel Cross, Singer/Songwriter
  • Louise Chapman, teacher extraordinaire, Reggio Emilia expert
  • Nick Newlin, Juggler/Storyteller Nicolo Whimsey
  • Jennifer Mueller, of Jen Mueller Family/Child Yoga
  • Peter Brice, Accordion player and traditional singer
  • Catherine Marafino, percussive dance and principle dancer with New Century American-Irish Arts
  • Rebecca McGowan, traditional Irish dancer