"My daughter loves Camp Shenanigans and always looks forward to going. The activities are creative and the staff are positive and caring."  -Michael Crawford

Camp Shenanigans offers fun and engaging performing arts experiences for children grades 1-5.  All of our camps are child-directed and project based.   

Our camps are based on 3 main ideas:

*Creativity through Choice:

Children learn that creating a strong performance is all about presenting strong choices. Our games offer children the chance to explore many different choices for characters/movement/story, while our performance is final product of that creative work.


Children learn that creating a successful performance means learning to work with, draw inspiration from, and support the choices of the other artists working on the production.  


In the creation/performance process, children practice supporting each other in the micro-community of their peers.

Through the inclusion of local professional, working artists children understand that they are part of a broader performing arts community that extends beyond the boundaries of their local community.  

Finally, through the inclusion of friends, family and neighbors as audience the community at-large is able to benefit from the performance itself. Children feel grateful for their audience and proud of their work, and the community is able to see deeper aspects of the children than would ordinarily be presented in day to day life. 

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Camp Shenanigans was created by Shannon Dunne.  Her curriculum is strongly influenced by the Hundred Languages of Children and the Reggio Emilia Approach.